Saturday, August 07, 2010

This might just be better than Pro-Activ.

Do you have pimples and blackheads that just won't budge? Do you have acne scars that have yet to fade? Are you tired of using over expensive creams in hope to finally have clear, beautiful skin? Do I really sound like an infomercial right now?

I need to make a huge confession; I am envious of girls who have clear, beautiful skin. Like, majorly envious.

I have struggled with my skin every since I hit puberty. It started with the occasional pimple on my chin and probably escalated to something that has like a full-blow breakout all over my face. My acne eventually wore down after 6 years of sheer torture and now, I get the occasional breakouts during "that time of the month". But the worst part of it all, is that now, I'm scarred. Although I may not have acne anymore, I have daily reminders of my horrendous past left on my face.

And it's not to say that I have not tried every single trick in the book to get rid of all my acne scars and breakouts, and I mean, EVERY SINGLE TRICK! I have tried to put toothpaste on pimples to dry them out; I have tried rubbing baking soda and water paste on my face to clear up my face. I have tried rubbing potato slices on my skin as well as using cucumber juice. I have used honey, turmeric, lemon juice but to no avail. I have spent money on things like:

Pro-Activ- this never worked on my skin. In fact, it made it worse.

Clinique Acne Solutions- This worked for awhile but eventually stopped, as with all other Clinique products on me.

Clinique 3-Step Program- This worked magic AT FIRST; it cleared up my skin but breakouts would still pop up everywhere and it also dried up my skin although I used the one for sensitive skin.

So I was literally about to give up until I fell on this piece of magic. I am telling you, I have used it for 2 days only and it has accomplished so much more than using Clinique Acne Solutions for 3 months. A) It is purely organic and B) you will not spend outrageous amounts of money on it. It is simply the magic of Tea Tree Oil and Aloe Vera Gel.

+ = Magic!

Just take an empty bottle or small pot; I mixed 100ml of Aloe Vera Gel with 20ml of Tea Tree Oil and VoilĂ ! Easy peasy, lemon squeezy! That alone could work wonders but since I like to experiment, I also added a tablespoon of Aloe Vera Emergency Spray which is just 99.9% of Aloe vera in liquid form and since my T-Zone is on the dry side and Tea Tree Oil can dry out your skin, I added a tablespoon of my day cream enriched in Vitamin E to just hydrate my skin.

*WARNING:* It is highly recommended to not use Tea Tree Oil on skin directly. It should diluted in water or whatever else you're planning on using it for.*

This also may be used for fading stretch marks you may have on your skin. Only con of this whole thing? The smell; I don't know if you smelled it before but it is very very strong. So your loved one may not want to hug you for awhile until said-mixture can really go deep in the layers of your skin. But I'll gladly live through the smell if it can clear up my skin. I have dark spots on my forehead, huge clusters of scars of both my cheeks and on my chin. Those are my scars that I try to cover up on a daily basis.

I wish I could be a foundation kinda girl but I'm not. I hate the feeling of heavy-weight foundation on my skin but unfortunately, I have to put some on in order to even out my skin tone and when it's really hot, the last thing I wanna do is put on "my face" as I like to call it. I want to be free from my scars because I do feel they are holding me back a little and not to cry "Victory!" just yet, but I think I found my thing that works for ME. My scars have faded from dark brown to light brown; Think Mac's Soft Brown for all you makeup lovers, to Mac's Bamboo in just 2 days of application.

I will finally be able to wear things I have always dreamed of wearing but couldn't such as:

*I'm so excited, and I just can't hide it.....*


  1. Defo gonna try this!glad u found something that finally worked darlin x

  2. I tried Proactiv a few years ago, and it cleared my acne but my face got so red that I looked like I was burnt. Plus it's just too expensive to buy all of that crap.

    I'm like you, I've stopped getting acne except for a few pimples a week before Aunt Flo shows up, but I have scars on my chin. I was never one of those who could just let a pimple come up and wait patiently for it to go away on its own. I had to pop 'em!

    I'll definitely be trying your newfound product!

  3. I am lucky my acne has never been bad.. but recently I had a few break outs, that were driving me bonkers! I thought it was just from "That time of the month" but they stayed on a bit longer.

    I had just started using a norwex wash cloth.. which you dont use chemicals at all. Just this special washcloth.. welll... the wash cloth is awesome and takes my make up off without make up remover.. but i've realized I still need to wash my face every day in the shower. That accomplished the goal, and my fax is clear again.. but I realized how much is must suck! I am so glad you found something that works for you! You are such a beautiful girl!!!


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