Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wee Bits of Me

It's Wednesday and after my heavy post about lost friendships, I think it's to sit back, relax, pour yourself a tall glass of {H20 in my case but choose whatever tickles your fancy} and learn a little wee bit about me. I don't know how Leigh comes up with these awesome questions every single Wednesdays but I love just tagging along! If you feel like playing too, please link up with Ashley and leave me a comment for me to come check you out :)

{one} what is your happiest childhood memory?
I used to grab strawberry ice cream with my birth father every single Friday; it was our moment together and I used to be the happiest little girl.


{two} what is your middle name?
I don't have one officially but my mother loves to call me Idmane.

{three} what’s the habit you’re most proud of breaking?
Biting my nails although I kinda succumbed to my nails AGAIN two nights ago. But I will break that habit even if it takes years.


{four} what do you order when you order chinese food?
I had chinese on my mind tonight actually {Leigh are you reading my mind?} so instead of ordering orange chicken, I decided to make my own using this recipe.


{five} what’s the best bargain you’ve ever found at a garage sale or thrift store?
I found this antiqued chandelier-type earrings with blue beads for 1 euros. The woman who sold it to me told me that her mother wore those earrings to her wedding . It has such a wonderful story behind it and call me clich├ęd, but I'd like to believe that it would bring good luck to a new bride. So to all the new brides-to-be, do you need something old and something blue?

{six} what’s the best costume you’ve ever worn?
HANDS DOWN, My Scary Spice costume. I was about 12 or 13, and I wore these huge platform shoes, had aluminum cones in my hair with my curly unruly waves and had lots of black eye-liner. I was channeling Scary Spice in the "Spice up Your Life" video. I would go up to people's houses and scream like she did.


{seven} who’s your favorite game show host?
I may be just a little biased but it would have to be Christophe Dechavanne. He is a french game show host and is one of the funniest guys I've ever seen on TV. He hosts the french version of the Wheel of Fortune and Family Feud.

{eight} what’s your favorite breakfast food?
Vanilla Cinammon French Toast; no doubt about that.


{nine} what’s your least favorite word?
Racism. I despise that word.


{ten} describe something that happened to you for which you have no explanation.
I woke up on a staircase after a friend's party wearing a set of undergarments over my clothes. And before you ask, no I was not hungover. I STILL don't know how it happened :S


When I have nothing left to say

There was something comforting about you; yeah, YOU. Are you surprised I'm mentionning you right now? I bet you are. With the way we left things, I guess it does come quite as a shock.

Well, you used to be one of the rarest people I could turn to just to chit chat about life and my anxieties; one of the few persons who could make me laugh without even trying; one of the few people I could sorta let myself just be without wondering if they would think I was a nutjob.

Look where we both are now. An ocean lies between us and we both live our lives separetely. What happened to us? Why did we fall apart? I wouldn't even know where to begin really; even if I tried.

All I know is that I miss my friend. And I shouldn't. Because YOU SHOULD BE around. You should still be the person I'd talk to just to have a talk. You should still be the person who makes me laugh and makes me forget about my fears for a moment. You should still be the person who understood me and my point of views and who never judged me for it.

You should still be MY FRIEND, period. And I should be yours. I am usually the type of person who doesn't say out loud what she feels for a person but I realised that life is too freaking SHORT! Today, we could both be on this earth but tomorrow, I don't know if either of us will still be around. And life is too short not to tell the people who really matter to us that we love them despite everything.

So if this ever reaches you, just know that I miss you. A LOT! No matter what happened, I still care about you. No matter what happens, I still care. If you ever need me, then you KNOW where to reach me.


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fashion, put it all on me!

Today is the first official day of fall and with fall comes the changing leaves, the cool crisp air, the pumpkin spice latte {which I've never personally tried but I hear it's really good} and of course, the fashion. Personnally, I'm not a super trend follower; I am what you call a "comfort-over-fashion" kind-of girl. Jeans and cardigans are usually my staples and you can always see me wearing a pair of flats.

For the past 2 years, it hasn't been really cold here in France so I could pull off most of my summer looks way into the fall season. But this year, it's getting really chilly really fast and I find myself longing more and more for a lot of nude tones, romantic-edgy looks, and lots of Chanel nail polishes. I've created a few looks that I would love to have this fall season.

I was inspired by the Chanel "Musings of a Muse" nail polish and I created this look. You can't go wrong with a pair of skinny jeans and my motto is if it's tight at the bottom, make it loose at the top so hence the flowy sweater that is fall-inspired. To give me a little bit of height since I am super short, I would pair it up with these wedges with the shearling detail. The sweater, necklace, skinny jeans, ankle wedges, messenger bag and cute hat are all from H&M. With this look, I would go for a subtle make-up look. A tinted moisturizer to even out my skin, a black-lined winger eyeliner using E.L.F Waterproof Eyeliner and peachy coral lips using M.A.C Florabundance.

Business Chic

I have been longing for the longest time for this Chanel "Innatendu" nude nail polish and it inspired this romantic-edgy look that I would definitely rock at work. First there is this gorgeous nude baby doll dress from TopShop but you can't go all nude because it would be too matchy- matchy so to toughen it up a little, I added some black shoes and black leggings with studded detailing, both from Asos. The coat has subtle golden detailing that is gorgeous from H&M and the bow belt from Asos and the little flower headband from TopShop make it all bohemian-chic. And to tie the whole look together, a wide camel messenger bag from TopShop that can carry lots of stuff yet looks quite elegant. And how cute is that "Bonjour" ring from Asos? For the makeup, I would go for the smallest hint of color with Too Faced Brightnening Blush in Papa don't peach and go for nude eye with lots of black mascara only on the top lashes. My favorite mascara of the moment is YSL Luxurious Mascara in Noir Radical.

A night on the town

This look was inspired by Chanel "Black Satin" Nail polish; and for a night out the town, a really cute dress is a MUST! You could go for a little LBD but there is something about this Miss Selfridges Flapper Dress that is quite retro and effortlessly chic. Pair it with an oversize TopShop blazer. In order to add a little bit of fantasy to the look, why not go for a black feather clutch? Simple earrings and nude platform heels that make your legs look that extra mile longer is TRULY the cherry on top. For the makeup, I'd go for a smoky eye and nude lips.

Those are my favorite looks for this fall season! What are yours?


Sunday, September 19, 2010

Dear Blog Intruder

Dear "Blog" Intruder,

You might not be climbing up our windows, snatching our people up and trying to rape them, but let me tell you what you ARE doing. You are googling blogs and snatching up their content and you even have the audacity to claim other people's work as your own. And I'm not talking about an idea for a post that you didn't link back to its rightful owner; I am talking full-pledge plagiarizing EVERY SINGLE WORD. Eveything about your blog from the "about me" section to the full posts you claim to have written are NOT YOURS. And this has been going on for months. MONTHS!!! How do you look yourself in the mirror everyday?

You have stolen someone's post about dealing with grief; someone's divorce; someone's heartbreak; you pretend you have 3 kids but judging YOUR character, I bet they are stolen kids too. You call yourself "SUPER MOM" and how everyday, "you receive countless emails about how inspiring of a mother you are". HELL NO! YOU KNOW WHO IS A SUPER MOM? Brittany is a super mom; a mom who is hands-on with her awesome little boy. A great woman who teaches him right from wrong; that's who we should call Super Mom! And all those moms from whom not only you stole their words and their feelings; you stole nothing short of their souls.

"I try to be a mom who raises good godly children, children with manners, children who are well rounded, children who are clean and don't throw their banana peel on the floor and tell me to pick it up... " is what you said in your UNCUT page which you have stolen BTW; but let's just pretend for a quick second you have so-eloquently thought up these sentences. How will you raise GOOD GODLY CHILDREN when you're nothing but a deceiving person who steals? Does it amuse you? Is this some type of game for you because for the women who have felt every single thing you claim to have felt, it is not. I don't know what to feel; I am not YET one of your victims but if I put myself in their shoes for just a second, I would know how much I'd hate it for someone to steal my thoughts and my feelings. To you, they may just look words weaved together to make an interesting story but for the people who really blog, we put our hearts and souls in what we write and for you to just carelessly take it away from us is not cool.

I truly hope Blogger takes down your blog all together and I will make sure to spread the word as much as I can because people like you shouldn't even be allowed to do this.


A blogger you're not going to steal from.

P.S: Please get a life! Thank you!


Okay for all my readers, this person's blog is Mommy Outnumbered; please check her posts to see if she copied any of your content. And if she did, in the comments section, you will find the link to "how to file a complaint" against this person. We should keep telling everyone we know on Blogger because shit like this shouldn't be allowed. Please spread the word and let's stop this person from ruining our words and our lives.

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