Friday, June 04, 2010

Dear RUDE cashier at the local supermarket...

Dear RUDE cashier at the local supermarket,

Yeah you! Don't start looking behind you to see if I'm speaking to the cashier behind you. I SURE AIN'T!

When you applied to be a cashier at a supermarket, you had to know that kindness and great customer service was to be required from you. I know you might have had your fair share of rude people and drunks {I've previously seen you handling them so I know what you deal with.}

I've also been at your place so I get it; I really get it. Sometimes you just do not feel like being nice to anyone. But when a person goes out of their way to say "Hello" and "Please" and "Thank you" and "Have a nice day", you acknowledge them and thank them. Or you nod; or you smile and say nothing; but you ackowledge them.

You do not huff and puff the whole entire time nor do you roll your eyes at them like they are out to make your day worse than it really is. I truly hope you were only PMSing and I'll waive that crappy attitude on that basis and only on that basis. If you feel like being a bitch to every customer that happens to cross your path on an off-day, next time, just stay home for OUR sake.

Thank you.


  1. Yes! Oh my gosh I'm glad you said it. I'm always thinking, sweetheart, you're paid to smile at me and be friendly... so do it. I always try to be lovely to people serving me and it makes me mad as hell when they cant at least crack a half smile and pretend to care.

    Ps. love your blog!

  2. I know; it's one of my pet peeves!!!!!


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