Sunday, June 13, 2010

My bad!

Today is just a miracle. I went to bed fairly early {if you can call past midnight fairly early... I know I do} and get this, I woke feeling refreshed at 8 am. Somebody usually has to pry me from my bed if I don't get enough sleep but today, I don't know what's going on!

Maybe it's the thrill of getting to watch another World Cup game that's got my panties all up in a bunch. Now while you go and try to take that image out of your head,I just wanted to blog about this. I got another award!!! Yay ME!

I got this I LOVE YOUR BLOG award from my girl Tasha; it's so random how you can meet some people online and you don't know how, but you just vibe with this person.

*Yeah I said Vibe. I'm bringing back Old-Skool Slang.*

I just vibed with her and I'm sure we're on our way to becoming great friends. Anywho, thanks Tasha!!!

Now, to anybody who has come across my blog in the past 24 hours, seriously my bad! I thought I'd be ingenious and try the new Blogger Designer but failed to save my template before hand. I searched over and over again for the Minima Stretchy template but I couldn't find it. So then I struggled all day (in between games of course.) to try and find a template that I liked; I am usually easy going but when it comes to my blog, I don't know I am on the fence about every template. So I uploaded, I think, 20 different kinds of templates and I took them all down.

Then when I was about to give up, I scrolled a little bit further down, and the classic layout template was THERE.

*Curtains open; angels and dove fly away; cue away "Hallellujah" chant.*

I tried to fix my mistakes, and I think I have managed to a point. Just be patient with me girls {and guys if there are any of you of read my blog although I'm sure you're quite rare}, I'll deal with the rest later. I noticed my sidebar is to the left now.

*To the left, to the left, everything you own in the box to the left. Bonus points for whoever can tell from which song that lyric comes from?*

I also changed my header? Thoughts? Do you ADORE this one like I do or was the other one more suited for my blog? If you're wondering what "La Vie, quoi!" means, it is a french expression meaning "It's life, you know!".

Let me know and more importantly, have a kickass Sunday!!

I am off my way to the boulangerie to go get my baguette. Seriously although I miss Canada and my old life sometimes, I cannot even begin to wonder what will I do when I go back there without my fresh baguette in the morning. It has become a staple. YUM, baguette and jam!!!!

I just drooled on my keyoard!!! Time to go!!!



  1. just found your blog; congrats on the award!

  2. Thanks Bree!! Thanks also for stopping by my blog!!

  3. Thanks for stoppin in my blog. I'm totally following you now. Love it.
    PS I say Vibed too. I love old i'm just a dork.

  4. awww you're the BEST!!! I was smiling like a dork hehe =)


    have a great week ahead

  5. @Dani- Welcome to my blog!! Hope you enjoy yourself!

    @Tasha You're welcome sweetie!!!


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