Monday, June 14, 2010

Random always!

It is so weird how life can be very ironic. I was answering a question on 20SB yesterday about this awesomefuncool blogger Megan posting something very personal and how she lost followers because of that specific post. I had basically told her to just write for herself and not to let that become personal; that I would rather have 10 followers reading me than to have a bunch of people who just come across my blog and don't care about a word I say.

Then I come back to my dashboard and I had lost a subbie. Ironic, no? I mean, as much as I try to not let it get to me, it stings a little but hey, what can you do ? I can't win them all over with my wit and my stellar personnality.

*What? If I don't auto-compliment myself, who will?*

Then by browsing blogs and finding some really awesome ones, I had gained 4 new followers. So thank you ALL, new followers and old ones, for coming by and hopefully, you'll stick around. I can't promise that I'll be blogging every single day because sometimes I run out of inspiration but there is one promise I can make and keep:

"I'll always be true to myself and to this blog."

Now that has been said and done, how was your weekend lovelies? Mine was pretty relax; I spent most of my weekend watching the World Cup.

If they could all play like THAT, I'm sure a lot of us ladies would focus on the World Cup, no?

I have been watching all 3 games per day; it's become a little too much sometimes but I figure since this is my first World Cup that I get to witness from beginning to end, might as well do it full on! Isn't that what they say? "Go hard or go home?" I'm not sure if that really applies here but let's just pretend it does.

I did some housework this weekend. I love it when my place smells like Mr.Clean and Febreze and is SPOTLESS from ceiling to floor. I feel like I'm at peace or something. I also had a mani and a pedi. I put on a Black Onyx nail polish #26. I don't know if it's a real company or not, since I can't find any info on it online, but when I went to the farmer's market yesterday, I picked up for 50 cents. Now for 50 cents, that's a bargain. It ressembles Essie "Queen of Hearts".

I could show you but then again you'd run away from the horror of my cuticles and my blister so I'll just save you all from that and show this lovely picture instead.

Coming up next, another webisode of Cooking Dangerously. This time around, I'll be making my comfort to-go food whenever I have no time and have no energy; and this time, my friends, WITH PICTURES!


  1. i would never unfollow someone because of an opinion they voiced (unless they started like a ted bundy fan club or something!). I think bloggers who stand out because of their opinions are the ones most worth following. anyone can say only positive things everyone agrees with and vomit sunshine all day long, but what's the point of following a bunch of blogs if they're all the same?

    p.s. i tried to reply to your comment on my post directly, but you haven't listed your email address and i got the pesky noreply-comment@blogger.comretun address! follow the directions here:
    to "show" your email address so that you can get replies sent directly to your email!

  2. Amen! Writing a blog is like so many other things in is only fulfilling when you are doing what makes YOU happy. But I will admit that I had a little rant of my own a few weeks ago from a few negative comments referring to my life adventures as "just plain sad." I ranted and raved and stomped my feet a bit...and then I realized- I LOVE my life and my blog and the way I live and write makes me happy! So eff the critics!

    "To thine own self be true."

  3. @Julia So true! I would rather say what's on my mind and be proud of who I am as a blogger rather to fit in to someone else's expectations. I can't pretend to be someone else forever!

  4. @Mademoiselle Hautemess- Seriously those anonymous comments are scared people who just hide behind their computer screen. You shouldn't let them bring you down. I love your blog as well and honey, that's all that matters!!

  5. thanks for the shout-out!!! i appreciated the encouragement... you're totally right. it's all about writing for US, not for the audience... who cares if you lose a subscriber? in the end, this is for us anyway.

    awesome blog! i'll be following you on google reader from now on. :)




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