Thursday, June 24, 2010

Guess who's Pearly?

Don't guess too hard now :); I am!!!!

I am featured on Jen's blog today!!

I had completely forgotten about being a Pearly Blogger because of my crappy mood but this is wonderful news. This might just be able to turn my frown TOTALLY upside down.

You can check it out here and here and also here and don't forget to click on here!

P.S: Did I mention you could check it out here?



  1. Congrats's Bee!! Love the new layout!

  2. Hi Ayan! I'm a new follower as a result of Jen featuring you. Looking forward to reading your thoughts!

  3. Love Your blog...saw you featured on Pearly Bloggers...Congrats!!! Im a follower now!

  4. @Carina- Thanks!! I changed it up again but now I am beyond satisfied!

    @Aubrey- Thanks so much for stopping by my blog; I'm a follower of yours as well!

    @The Green Eyed Lady Blog- Thanks so mcuh for stopping by! I'll make sure to follow you!


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