Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I have been duped today.....

So this is going to be a very long post. I went to go to the supermarket today to grab a few things; *YAY FOR LEAN BONELESS CHICKEN BREASTS AND ORANGE JUICE* and I was standing in line, you know just minding my business when this random girl came up to me, asking me for the time. I was like "Okay, you know sometimes I randomly ask strangers for the time too"; whenever I don't my phone on me since I never wear a watch.

Then she started talking to me about how she looked awful the morning after a break-up; I told her she looked fine, and not because I was trying to be nice but because she did look fine. She didn't seem sad nor did it seem like she had been up all night crying her eyes out which is what I would look like the morning after a break-up.

At that point, I'm trying to just pay my things and get the fuck out of there because A) I was in dire need of sleep and B) I don't know this chick. As I was walking out of the supermarket, she broke down in tears, y'all! IN TEARS! So I'm literally standing besides a random chick that I don't even know who's bawling her eyes out and loudly, might I add, and everyone passing by is staring at me like I just beat the crap out of her.

As I'm not inhuman, I tried, awkwardly but nonetheless I tried, to give her a hug because whenever I'm sad, I just need hugs. We exchanged names and I told her that if she needed to talk to someone, she could talk to me. So we grabbed a mint diabolo, which is a drink I love. It's just some mint syrup mixed often with 7Up or lemonade and it's delicious. We went to a near-by park and that's when she told me her breakup story and it was just a bunch of hot mess. HOT MESS, I TELL YOU!

So after 5 years together, they finally split. Her guy is very family-oriented which is not an issue for some people but for her, she would have preferred that her man actually listens to her instead of always listening to his family. His family doesn't like her anymore; they used to but that was before she had wished that his father, who was sick and in the hospital at that point, would just die. She had said that out of anger but as she is shit out of luck, his father had died that same night. So now his family thinks she is a witch in disguise and has somehow, cast a spell on their family and they do not want him to ever be with her.

That family drama aside, she, then tells me that she caught her guy cheating on her with one of her friends about a week ago. As if that wasn't enough, he only calls her when he needs to get laid and obviously because she is IN LOVE with him, she goes to him and whenever he's done with her, he just throws her out of his apartment. He has also been known to hit her on multiple occasions, and get this! She is even questionning his sexuality since he does some shady things with some shady friends. Yet she is convinced that he loves her deeply because one day, they were fighting and she asked him if he had ever loved her or if he loves her now and if he doesn't, when is he planning on falling in love with her ?

His answer, ladies and gents {Are there gents around these parts ?} was:

" I didn't love you, I just really needed to get laid and you were there so. You know, on some level or you know, subconsciously, I love you. I'm sure I'll be head over heels with you very soon; you know you just can't push feelings like this. You need to give me time."

So he threw her the bone and like the little puppy he knew she was, she held on to that bone as if her life depended on it. I swear you guys, my hands were literally itching to just shake her and slap her just so she could finally wake up and smell the coffee. I was holding myself back so badly. I tried to point out to her that if he was pulling crap like this, then maybe he wasn't good for her and that she should try to move on because a guy like that, will only hurt her. She proceeded to find every single excuse in the book on why he was acting like such a douchebag.

I felt so bad for her; not because he did loads of crappy stuff to her and still she accepted, but because she didn't even know who she was anymore. She was so blindsided by this dude that she forgot who she was or on some level, she doesn't even know who she is to begin with.

She has been with him since she was a teen and at that point, I think she had lost her father so her bf sort of became the father figure in her life; meaning he always told her what to do, who to be friends with and what to like. And now that he was gone, she felt like she had lost all of her marks in life. She doesn't know what she wants to do with her life; she doesn't know what friends to hang out with; it's to the point where she doesn't even know what kind of drink she likes anymore.

I tried to cheer her up as much as I could and told her to seek some professional help because there isn't much that I could do except give her the sound and mostly SANE advice that I could formulate which is MOVE ON! Everyone in her immediate entourage has told her the same thing yet she is still lost. She thanked me for all my help and then proceeded to find another person sitting in the bench behind us, and she began crying in his arms and telling him the same story over again.

I was curious to find out if she would tell him the same story so I just sat there and pretended to be highly engrossed in my book while eavesdropping on their conversation. She told him about the same story as she told me but she fancied it up a little bit. She mentionned how she went to see 5 different psychics and how they all told her that this guy wasn't good for her but that she would meet her prince charming in a park at a point in her life where she was facing an obstacle. At this point, I was astonished because this girl is stooping to all kinds of low to have people feel sympathy for her. She then asked him to take pity on her and buy her something to eat because she hasn't eaten in days; he asked her if he wanted to get kebabs with her and she had gladly accepted.

I followed them because they were heading towards my place so I thought I could kill two birds with one stone; so he had bought her the kebab and bid her good day since he had to go to his driving course. She saw me and asked me for a ciggie; I told her I didn't smoke. She then sat at the pub right by my place and fell on this old fella and she did her little number again. I mean the whole works; the crying, the breakup story. He bought her two vodka shots, a coke and a full plate of Greek food.

In a matter of hours, this girl had gotten two drinks, two shots, and two full meals. That's when I realised I had been taken for a ride you guys; this was her daily job, I think. I felt like such a fool for falling for her BS but then again, I can't be angry because at least I tried to help out someone no matter what.

That was my eventful day! How was yours? Anything crazy like this ever happened to you?


  1. Oh wow!! So the stupid girl wasn't so stupid after all!!!! Crazy story!

    At first, I am was thinking this girl is insane! Who starts talking to someone on they don't know like that? Well, maybe in some cultures but here in Norway we're BIG on personal space. Don't talk to, don't, don't sit next to me on the bus kind of thing.

    Then I continue to think she's crazy when I came to the dad part of the story, seriously who would say such a thing when someone is hospitalized?

    Then I started feeling sorry for her, desperate girls will accept anything as long as someone throws them a bone. They are love-starved!

    Then she talks to the next man, I'm back to crazy... And then the finish?? It like the Forrest Gump movie you know? They sit on the bench, one share life stories and in the end a super surprising twist! lol

  2. That is crazy! I can't believe that people would do things like that to get food and sympathy. What a day you had huh? Mine was uneventfull compared to yours. LOL

  3. OMG Carina I was like What the eff is wrong with this chick. This was one messed up day! I just didn't get it I swear; even now as I'm rereading what happened to me, i'm just like dumbfounded!

  4. MRS Newlywed Giggles- Like I said, this shit is so crazy that I could not have made it up myself if I tried! ;)

  5. What a weirdo! It probably was all a scheme, maybe she had nothing better to do that day.

  6. Wow! What an exhausting way to do for a living! It exhausted me just reading it! Glad she's just a little crazy and didn't try to hurt anyone or anything!

    PS- I just happened across your blog-- I like it!

  7. WOW, this is by far one of the craziest stories I have ever heard.

    Pretty disappointed this girl would take advantage of those who can go out on a limb and help others! Even if they don't know them!

  8. Where are you BTW ?? Have not seen you since such a loooong time ! I have been looking for you on twitter and everywhere ! I hope you are fine :) Take care, see ya :)


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