Monday, September 06, 2010

He said, she said

On a lazy Tuesday afternoon, at a bus station.

She: "Sorry I'm late. I slept over at N's house and the bus was late."
He: "Yeah yeah, you always use the bus excuse. How long has it been now? You really need to find yourself something new to say."
She: "Shut up, okay! Seriously, the bus WAS late. So, should we just go check out what movie is playing?"
He: "Lead the way."

Inside the theater.

She: "Ok, so the movie doesn't start for an hour. What should we do? Dude, let's play air hockey."
He: "All right but you should know you're headed up against a reigning champion. Are you sure you wanna do this? I'm just saying, you might get beat."
She: " Are you done bragging yet? Cause it's time for a can of Whoop-Ass."
He: "Wow! That sentence is probably about as old as you are. Then it's on...."
Both: "Like Donkey Kong."

Just a small moment in time, but that was then.


  1. Lovely post! "Like Donkey Dong!" LMAO ;p

  2. :)))

    What a roller coaster of emotions in one post.

    I like that it ended on a good note.

  3. LOL. I agree with an above commenter - indeed a rollercoaster of emotions in one post! :)


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