Tuesday, September 07, 2010



1. An error or fault resulting from defective judgment, deficient knowledge, or carelessness.

2. A misconception or a misunderstanding.

1. Mistaking, mistaken, mistook; TO MAKE A MISTAKE.

This is the deal about mistakes; sometimes, you know you're not supposed to make them yet you can't help but make it anyway.

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Sometimes, you've just got to touch that hot plate even though you know it's going to burn you.
Sometimes, you might date the wrong person in order to find the right person for you.
Often, you might just forget your bag or purse on a bus more than once even though you know your money, keys, and Ids are in there.
At times, you might decide to change your hair color even though you know that with your skintone, there is not a chance in hell you'll pull off that color.
And maybe, just maybe, you'll taste the food you've made to improve for the next time you'll prepare this dish even though you have a feeling it'll be nasty.


See, without making mistakes, we wouldn't know the difference between right and wrong. Mistakes is another way to get to the end of your path. It's another way to do things and frankly for me, it's the only way. It's like when you were learning how to start writing when you were little. How did you learn? By trials and errors; by making mistakes. Maybe your I's were not dotted or your T's weren't crossed; without your teacher telling you that in fact, you were making a mistake and that your I's should be dotted and your T's crossed, we wouldn't know how to write properly. The same principle goes into life. without making the wrong choices, you might never know what are the right ones for you. You know how that saying goes:

"There are certain times in life when you think this might be a mistake but you don't really know it's a mistake because the only way to know if it's a mistake is to make said-so mistake and go "yup; that one was definitely a mistake."


  1. Excellent post Bee! I do want argue though, that this philosophy doesn't go for all mistakes... Some things, you don't need to learn by doing.

  2. Are you on twitter btw? Look me up! carinatb

  3. I really liked this post. You're so smart!

    p.s. LEYYYOVEEEE your new layout! Its so cute!

  4. Pure genius post! By the way, you always change your blog to THE most adorable backgrounds and headers! I love this one as well :)


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