Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Hair Update!

*********************************************************HAIR UPDATE*****************************************************************HAIR UPDATE***************************************

Okay, so when I was picking the bottle of hair dye, I hesitated a long time for the darkest brown or black. After a while, I just picked up Garnier Color Intense in Black. I applied it this evening and left it for a little longer than usual because yes even at 22, I have grey hair. I have a small patch on the left side of my head; I think it means that someone is wise and/or rich. And I ain't neither of them so go figure :).

After rinsing, my roots looked like they were auburn. Yes, I don't know THAT happened but my roots are now auburn. I was fuming because I thought my hair was a complete disaster; I thought about going back to the department store and seriously getting a refund. I was this close to going all Naomi Campbell on them.

But now that my hair is completely dry, my hair look dark brown shot through with some auburn when bright lights hit it. Okay, so it might not be pitch black like I originally wanted it to be but I think this is nice as well. And if I get bored of it, well, I'll try dying it again in a month or so.

"The Lesson of the Day" is if you choose to use Garnier Color Intense, the color payoff isn't as great as suggested on the box. A lesson learned the hard way but still, lesson learned. On the upside, I found the most moisturizing conditioner I have ever come across; and guess what? It was only 1euro 50. It's a no name brand; I picked it up because it was close to my hairdye box and because I just really needed conditioner. It was for limp hair and split ends and it smells like fig and it's infused with Argan Oil. Seriously guys, my hair feels like silk and my hair is maybe 90% dry right now. I need to get the whole kit of it because I is officiallyz in lurv.

I will post pictures tomorrow of the final pictures. But here's a teaser. This is originally what my hair looked like:

xoxo, Gossip Girl. *I'm off to watch last night's episode. Seriously, how could I live without I don't know.*

******This is for Carina******

This is the reason why I don't trust hair stylists; I'd rather fuck up my own hair than to have to pay for someone else to fuck it up for me.

Please excuse the face I'm making. The sun was in my eyes.

I rest my case. This is some Carrot Top hair.


  1. Honey!!! You can't color your own hair!! This is best left to the professionals, your hair is to important to mess with..... iiii France shouldn't have the most expensive hairdressers either??

  2. Girl I can't help it; I haven't gone to a salon in over 6 years. The last time I went this crazy woman was handling my hair and although I asked for a TRIM and a small touch up of my hightlights because I had chocolate brown hair with caramel/blonde highlights.I ended up with an uneven bob; if you could even call it that because it was wayyyy too short and I ended up with an ORANGE HEAD!!! Ever since then, I cut my own hair; I do my own layering and texturizing and own color. I don't trust anybody but myself :)

    I'll post the picture right now! Hold on!

  3. I am very excited to see how this turned out!!!!! Btw, I used Photoshop to make my banner and button. And I know a bit of html/css to mess with the fonts and layout.

  4. lol at the last pic!! girl...last time i trusted a stylist she cut off all but an inch of my hair. enough said.

    have you tried using indigo? it's all natural and gets even dark, relaxed hair jet black/blue black. it's wonderful!!

    i love watching the kardashians on that site, didn't know i could catch up on gossip girl there, too!!


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