Sunday, September 19, 2010

Dear Blog Intruder

Dear "Blog" Intruder,

You might not be climbing up our windows, snatching our people up and trying to rape them, but let me tell you what you ARE doing. You are googling blogs and snatching up their content and you even have the audacity to claim other people's work as your own. And I'm not talking about an idea for a post that you didn't link back to its rightful owner; I am talking full-pledge plagiarizing EVERY SINGLE WORD. Eveything about your blog from the "about me" section to the full posts you claim to have written are NOT YOURS. And this has been going on for months. MONTHS!!! How do you look yourself in the mirror everyday?

You have stolen someone's post about dealing with grief; someone's divorce; someone's heartbreak; you pretend you have 3 kids but judging YOUR character, I bet they are stolen kids too. You call yourself "SUPER MOM" and how everyday, "you receive countless emails about how inspiring of a mother you are". HELL NO! YOU KNOW WHO IS A SUPER MOM? Brittany is a super mom; a mom who is hands-on with her awesome little boy. A great woman who teaches him right from wrong; that's who we should call Super Mom! And all those moms from whom not only you stole their words and their feelings; you stole nothing short of their souls.

"I try to be a mom who raises good godly children, children with manners, children who are well rounded, children who are clean and don't throw their banana peel on the floor and tell me to pick it up... " is what you said in your UNCUT page which you have stolen BTW; but let's just pretend for a quick second you have so-eloquently thought up these sentences. How will you raise GOOD GODLY CHILDREN when you're nothing but a deceiving person who steals? Does it amuse you? Is this some type of game for you because for the women who have felt every single thing you claim to have felt, it is not. I don't know what to feel; I am not YET one of your victims but if I put myself in their shoes for just a second, I would know how much I'd hate it for someone to steal my thoughts and my feelings. To you, they may just look words weaved together to make an interesting story but for the people who really blog, we put our hearts and souls in what we write and for you to just carelessly take it away from us is not cool.

I truly hope Blogger takes down your blog all together and I will make sure to spread the word as much as I can because people like you shouldn't even be allowed to do this.


A blogger you're not going to steal from.

P.S: Please get a life! Thank you!


Okay for all my readers, this person's blog is Mommy Outnumbered; please check her posts to see if she copied any of your content. And if she did, in the comments section, you will find the link to "how to file a complaint" against this person. We should keep telling everyone we know on Blogger because shit like this shouldn't be allowed. Please spread the word and let's stop this person from ruining our words and our lives.


  1. OH my gawsh! Thank you so much, but I am so far beyond super mom! :)

    I promise you I am NOT that awesome!

    I just checked out that crazy womans website! WOW! I am sure whoever it is, is just trying to get a rise out of everyone! I would be SO mad at her if she stole my writing! THe only good thing is, that I found some awesome bloggers! I followed their links from their comments, and was actually able to read their blogs! They are fantastic!

    I hope blogger takes down her blog!

  2. That's just wrong! What an idiot!

  3. I can't believe someone would sink so low and do something so disgusting. I really do hope they take down her blog.

  4. Seriously?! What makes someone do this??

  5. Thanks for the blog comment. I'm loving your blog!
    I cannot believe someone is doing that! I'm going to check out her blog.
    I love the part when YOU wrote: "To you, they may just look words weaved together to make an interesting story but for the people who really blog, we put our hearts and souls in what we write..."
    True, true!!


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