Wednesday, September 08, 2010

I may just be.

I may just be a brand new day
A day so bright without a hint of grey.

Just Me

I may just be a smile put upon a face
A smile so wide, it cannot be erased.

Cheshire Cat | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

I may just be the reason a heart skips a beat
A reason you feel like skipping ever so lightly down the street.

Life is beautiful

I may just be the motivation I need
A motivation I need in order to succeed.

Daydreams _ Tea

I may just be the happiness I feel inside
A happiness I feel when I eat something fried.

Annie Collinge on yay!everyday

I may just be your sister, your confidant, your friend
An ear or a shoulder that can be lent in times when you need to vent.

-ssantokki ♥

I may just be the life I'm searching for
A life that I'm not afraid to go after anymore.

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