Wednesday, September 22, 2010

When I have nothing left to say

There was something comforting about you; yeah, YOU. Are you surprised I'm mentionning you right now? I bet you are. With the way we left things, I guess it does come quite as a shock.

Well, you used to be one of the rarest people I could turn to just to chit chat about life and my anxieties; one of the few persons who could make me laugh without even trying; one of the few people I could sorta let myself just be without wondering if they would think I was a nutjob.

Look where we both are now. An ocean lies between us and we both live our lives separetely. What happened to us? Why did we fall apart? I wouldn't even know where to begin really; even if I tried.

All I know is that I miss my friend. And I shouldn't. Because YOU SHOULD BE around. You should still be the person I'd talk to just to have a talk. You should still be the person who makes me laugh and makes me forget about my fears for a moment. You should still be the person who understood me and my point of views and who never judged me for it.

You should still be MY FRIEND, period. And I should be yours. I am usually the type of person who doesn't say out loud what she feels for a person but I realised that life is too freaking SHORT! Today, we could both be on this earth but tomorrow, I don't know if either of us will still be around. And life is too short not to tell the people who really matter to us that we love them despite everything.

So if this ever reaches you, just know that I miss you. A LOT! No matter what happened, I still care about you. No matter what happens, I still care. If you ever need me, then you KNOW where to reach me.



  1. Missing someone is a terrible feeling, but I am positive that you are missed by your friend too. You're right, life is too short and precious, and I don't think you will ever regret sharing with someone how you feel about them, especially if it's coming from a place of love.

  2. I'm so sorry, honey. I hope this brought you some sort of peace.

  3. I finally answered your questions, and thank you for asking them girl.

    As far as your shout out to past frineds who just aren't... I wrote about that yesterday. It's sad to think that in 5 years you may not talk to any of the same people you can't live without today.

  4. :( ... i have had these feelings before but my mom once told me ... maybe that friend was not a lifetime friend. maybe they were just a seasonal friend. a friend to get you through a tough time, a friend who you needed at a certain point in your life ... and once you no longer needed them that time was up and so was the friendship.

    i always try to think that when i am losing a friend. it still doesn't make it easier but it makes it hurt a little less.

  5. awww...that's so heartfelt and I'm sorry you're missing this friend so much. it truly sucks when you drift apart from someone. I'm sure whoever this is meant to reach, it reaches them.

    chin up sweetie =)

  6. I've been contemplating sending something very similar to a girlfriend who has moved, gotten married, and had a child. It's sad when we separate from our closest friends, because we always imagine they will be a part of our lives... but then life happens and the distance grows (literally and figuratively) and we start to feel weird about reaching out. Why should we? But what if we no longer have anything in common? What if he/she doesn't want to hear from us?

    I hope you're able to get a response from your friend, or, at the very least, some peace of mind about the situation. And who knows--maybe your paths will cross again one day.

  7. I can definitely relate to this and I'm sorry you're dealing with it right now... It's really difficult and hard when someone you once used to be so close to is now the one so far from you...


    I hope you have other fabulous friends that you can lean on and maybe one day this friendship will repair itself too :)


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