Saturday, September 18, 2010

Girls just wanna have fun!!

"There are worse things in life than having fun"

So we all have bad days, right? I don't mean the bad days where you missed your bus to go to work; I mean the awful, dreadful, lousy days where your alarm doesn't ring so you sleep in, your hair won't stay in place, you have ABSOLUTELY nothing to wear when you have 4 full closets that would make some wannabe-fashionista cry herself to bed at night, some jerk spilled his coffee on your new computer, your boss has called you into his office and he never does that, your best friend cannot make your lunch date because she's out dating the latest scum of the earth and it's not even noon yet; yep, I'm talking about one of those days. What if I told you that there are a few things that would kick any crappy-day's butt all the way to Timbuktu? Here's my list of things that make up for any lousy day.

- Do something for someone else out of the goodness of your heart; seeing that YOU made someone's day will instantaneously lift your spirits.

- Throw yourself in a creative project; something that you're most passionnate about that will take any negative feelings and fuel them into something positive. This blog started because I got in a fight with my friend. See?

- Sing. Loudly. Badly. Off-key.

- Indulge in all your guilty pleasures while eating the world's best chocolate/ice cream/ other sweets. For me it's watching old episodes of the Hills with a bowl of Ben and Jerry's.

- Write a list of things you love at that moment on a sticky pad and stick it to a place where you go often in your home. Everytime you pass that specific spot, you'll remember that even things do not go your way, there are things to be happy about. Update that list at least weekly.

- Listen to old-school Motown Classics and dance your worries away. My ultimate Motown playlist is :

-Dancing in the street- Martha and the Vandellas
-Sugar Pie Honey Bunch- Four Tops
-Signed, sealed, delivered- Stevie Wonder
-Do you love me? - The Contours
-Ain't nothing like the real thing- Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell
-Super Freak- Rick James
-Upside down(inside out)- Diana Ross
-Baby love- Supremes
-My girl- Temptations
-You can't hurry love- Supremes
-I've heard it through the grapevine- Marvin Gaye
-Ain't no mountain high enough- Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell
- I want you back- Jackson 5
-ABC/ Rocking Robin/ Blame it on the boogie- Jackson 5
-She's a bad mama jama- Carl Carlton.

- Look through an old album of photos, preferably with a friend. If it's an old friend, you can reminisce about things you did together and weird fashion senses and if it's a new friend, tell them about your old life and how cheeky/crazy you and your friends were. Positive memories help you deal with lousy moments a little easier.

- Grab a friend, dress up as tourists and pretend to go through your town like new comers; take loads of pictures and be sure to flash the peace sign in all of them.

- Bake a pie! Baking something that reminds you of your mother's cooking and letting all those awesome flavors take over your home brings you back to when you were 5 and used to watch your mother baking this infamous pie. It doesn't matter if it's not perfect; it's perfect in its imperfection.

- Have a musical marathon; I'm talking Rent, High School Musicals, Hairspray, Grease and all that jazz. Seeing people resolve conflicts with song and dance is so what our world needs right now.

- Go into an expensive store and try on what could be the biggest expense of your life and act like you're gonna come back tomorrow to get them. If you can, snap a picture of yourself in them. (Obviously you're not going to get them but it's always good to pretend in your head that you own them).

- Load up your Ipod and go for a long walk.

- Have a fashion/top model faceoff with friends. Do your Best Miss J's impersonations with HUMOUR of course and judge one another.

" you're walking like you're on crack, child!";
" you're walking like you're chewing gum between your legs, girl!".

What are some of your favorite ways to unwind?



  1. Your playlist is FANTASTIC!

    My favorite way to unwind is a good book and either a cup of coffee or a class of wine.

  2. lol i need to hang out with you when im having a bad day--you know what to do!!

    love the miss j quotes at the end. i will never forget the first time he told someone she was walking like she was on crack lmao

  3. thanks for the tips!

    my way to unwind: getting with the girls for good drinks, good food, good music, and dancing the night away :)

  4. I love this post is so quirky and down to earth. Its so lovely to read a post a little bit more out there then your normal outfit posts, etc. I have been reading your blog for a few days and this one made me smile.

    I love your style- Thumbs up from me :D

  5. great suggestions for recovering from a bad day!

    i generally unwind from a rough day with a glass of wine (or cocktail) while spending some quality time w/ my fiance (preferably in front of the fireplace : )


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