Saturday, July 10, 2010

Day 1: Letter to your best friend

{Part of the 30-day Challenge}

Dear best friend,

This is not about one specific person; lord knows how many of you I refer to as a best friend. This is an open letter to all of you; to the ones who are here for me now and to the ones who were there for me then. To the ones I talk to mostly all the time and to the ones I rarely ever get news from. To the ones who gave me hugs just because I needed comfort and to the ones who gave me a good wake up call when I needed it. This is for all of you. I wouldn't be the person that I am without you.

From the times you stayed by my side through all my fights with my mom, the times you held my hand when I was scared, the times you made me laugh because I couldn't stop crying about a boy, the times where you just sat there with me, staring blankly ahead, the times where you spent hours on the phone just because I needed someone to talk to; I will never forget what you have done for me.

We played together in the sandbox; we dreamt together about our futures, we stayed in bed all day, eating junk food gossiping about boys. We laughed together until substances came out of our noses, we held each other up when one of us was falling apart, we drove around until the wee hours of the morning just because. We stayed awake watching "Pretty Woman" and reruns of Friends; we swam, we cried, we ran, we tried. Words were never needed between us; I could take one look at you and you'd knew what I was thinking.

I know sometimes, that I was not a good friend; I may have spilled a few of your secrets and may have lost a few of you along the way because of my stupidity and naiveté. I was young and stupid, granted but I shouldn't have betrayed or hurt the ones that I've hurt. I'm not here to make excuses for my actions and I hope that wherever you are, you have forgiven me. If there's is any of you that are still harboring any ill feelings about me, please know, that whatever I've done, I am sorry. I am sorry for hanging up on you because I was in a pissed off mood; I'm sorry for telling you harsh things because my ego got bruised. I know I haven't always been around for you whenever you needed me because sometimes, I liked to be selfish and I'm glad to say that that was the old me.

What I want you to always remember is that no matter what happens, you will always a place in my heart. I will never forget a single one of you as each one of you made such an impact on me and on my life. You've all built your little condo in my heart and you will never be out of it. Even when you are gone, the memories will still be alive then.

Thank you for everything for my past, my present and my future.


  1. What a beautiful letter! So well written and honest. :)

  2. Beautiful. Exactly how i feel about my life and friends from the past and present. nice entry x


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