Monday, July 19, 2010

Day 5: Letters to your dreams

Just like Tasha, I don't have a sibling so Day 4 of the Letter challenge will be skipped.

{Part of the
30-day Challenge}

Dear dreams,

I am not talking to those of you I have whenever I'm asleep and that I practically don't remember, LIKE EVER; by the way what is up with that? You need to stay fresh in my memory because I am kind of getting tired from these deja vus; you know just FYI.

No, I am talking to you; the dreams I hold deep inside, the ones I don't mention out loud because I'm so scared that they won't come true. The ones I daydream about daily and the ones who give me faith that everything WILL be all right.

You know what I really want from you; I want the simplest things but sometimes, obtaining the most simple things are the hardest task. I want to find myself; find out who I really am deep down. I want to experience mind-blowing love; the kind of love that sets your skin on fire and turns your insides all gushy. I want a husband, kids, a quaint home in the suburbs with a white picket fence; I want to be able to love freely and be able to just be me. I want happiness and love for all my friends and family.

Some things can't be just realised by just wishing hard for them; things like world peace, no hunger, no diseases and equality for all but I hope that if we can keep on dreaming about it, it will lead us towards a greater path. A path that will eventually make all of these dreams come true. I would actually love it if all of you could become my realities and I'm seriously hoping you will.

But I know that things don't fall into your lap as an apple falling from a tree; it takes hard work and dedication and God knows I'm well and willing; if you could please, just do me one tiny favor? Please stop running so fast and let me catch up! Okay, thanks :)

xx Daydreamer


  1. WHAT a beautiful letter!!!! :) This really well written! I hope ALLLLL of your dreams come true!

  2. Thanks Brittany! When are you going to start your own letters? lol Every Wednesday wasn't it ?

  3. I HOPE YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE TOO! I'm really into this 30 day challenge :) thinking maybe I can start it up too!!!!!


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