Friday, July 16, 2010

Day 3: Letter to your parents

{Part of the 30-day Challenge}

Dear dad,

I had a great feeling about you when my mother first mentionned that a friend of hers was interested in her; granted this wasn't the first time a man was interested in her. She had various suitors but chose to kick them to the curb because they weren't accepting of me. She had been deceived so much in the past that she wanted to just give up on men, totally. I remember being excited for her while she was just a ball of nerves on your first date. I remember pushing her to accept your invitations for dinner when all she wanted to do was decline.

I remember telling Mom "He's a keeper" one night when she came home with roses and perfume. Although I had never met you and was basically abroad when you popped the question, I couldn't help but give you guys my blessings because I somehow knew you'd make my mother happier than she'd been in the last 10 years. Although I had missed your wedding, seeing the videos made me tear up and seeing the smile on my mother's face was worth so much more than even being in attendance.

You could have hated my guts, or made up your mind before even meeting me but you definitely gave me my chance. I must admit, at first, it was awkward crossing each other in the hallways or being home alone together without my mom but when we relaxed around each other, I found out we had lots of things in common such as being library freaks and having a goofy sense of humour. You are such a natural person to be around and you'll always make me laugh even if I have a bad day.

How I know that you're a man of great heart is when people ask you when you and my mom are planning to have any more children and you reply "I already have a daughter." You've accepted me when it was easier to leave me hanging high and dry. You've actually helped heal some of my previous wounds and for that, I could never thank you enough. I hope and pray you get to stick around on this Earth longer because I would love for my children to meet their grandpa.

Your daughter who adores you.

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  1. This is honestly beautiful!

    I hope he gets to read this!


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