Tuesday, May 04, 2010

101 things I'm grateful for.

So I know it's nowhere near Thanksgiving time but it doesn't have to be only on Thanksgiving that we think about everything in our life, everything we've seen so far; everything we've felt, smelled, touched, heard, and loved. There's so many things to be thankful for, and whenever things are rough, just look back on this list and you can realise that life is not that bad. Here is my list of things I'm grateful for. What's yours?

1. God.
2. Being alive.
3. My mother.
4. my best friends.
5. the love in my life.
6. Life itself.
7. Sunny days.
8. Snowy days.
9. The many people I've met, good or bad throughout my life.
10. Great movies.
11. Music.
12. New York Style cheesecake.
13. Leaves changing colours during season changes.
14. Friends, the T.V Show.
15. A hot cup of tea when I'm feeling cold.
16. The warm fuzzy feeling you get when you realise you're in love.
17. The ocean and its breeze.
18. Coffee for those mornings you just can't get up.
19. Random acts of kindness.
20. my 5 senses.
21. Smelling a batch of homemade chocolate chip cookies sift throughout the house.
22. My nationality.
23. My heritage.
24. my good fortune.
25. hearing the words " I love you".
26. Faith that everything will eventually be all right.
27. Feeling that you're appreciated.
28. The unknown.
29. Cameras to capture life's greatest moments.
30. Fresh fruit.
31. Frozen yogurt.
32. Anything chocolate.
33. Aromatherapy candles.
34. A warm blanket to cuddle under while reading a good book.
35. Being able to write.
36. The countless inspirations.
37. Farmer's market.
38. Michael Jackson's music.
39. GLEE!!! Nothing puts a smile on my face faster than GLEE.
40. The internet.
41. Standing under the rain.
42. Quiet mornings where no one is awake yet in your household.
43. Massages.
44. An amazing haircut or hairstyle that takes you immediately to the next level of HAWTNESS.
45. Starry nights.
46. Cuddling with the person you love.
47. My health.
48. My book library.
49. Being able to truly be me.
50. Girl's night out with my friends.
51. The perfect pair of jeans that I have not found yet, but I am not giving up.
52. All the shoes that I own, and will own because I have sort of a shoe addiction.
53. All the laughs I've had.
54. All the tears I've cried.
55. Being able to celebrate yet another birthday.
56. For a warm shower.
57. Bubble baths.
58. Trees and grass.
59. For Google; seriously what was life before Google?
60. Spellcheck
61. Cookbooks.
62. Grocery stores.
63. Bowling.
64. Jazz music.
65. Heaters that do work.
66. Past relationships.
67. Future friendships.
68. Thoughtful gifts.
69. The present.
70. Cherry blossoms.
71. My freedom.
72. To be able to sleep at night.
73. Free samples.
74. Gossip magazines.
75. Finding money in my pockets, forgetting I've ever put it there.
76. The smell of barbecue.
77. Pedicures.
78. Opportunity to say thank you.
79. Dancing my heart out.
80. That I can laugh at myself even if I'm embarrassed.
81. Keyboard shortcuts.
82. Nigella's recipes.
83. Sex and the City.
84. Carpe Diem.
85. Making Smores on a campfire.
86. Being barefoot in the sand.
87. Fresh fallen snow.
88. Foot rubs.
89. Laughing hysterically.
90. Watching your favorite shows again and again.
91. My traveling opportunities.
92. Babies grabbing your finger
93. Eating cookie dough.
94. Waffles with fresh strawberries and whipped cream.
95. Organized closets.
96. Having electricity.
97. Being able to do whatever you want in life.
98. Smell of spring.
99. Kindhearted people; the ones who see the beauty in everyone.
100. My childhood memories.
101. Hugs and kisses.

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