Wednesday, May 19, 2010

MTV sucks!

I woke up in such a cranky mood this morning; I was like "Dude, do not mess with me or else!" to anybody that would cross my path. I think it's because it took me hours to fall asleep, literally. I went to bed at midnight and until 5:44 am, I was trying to tell myself to fall asleep. I tried couting sheeps; I tried listening to soft music. Then I tried reading a couple of chapters of "P.S I love you" {amazing book bee tee double-u} but ended up finishing the whole entire book. It wasn't long after that that I FINALLY fell asleep. I woke up tired and cranky around 10:30 so I only got about 5 hours of sleep. That's one thing people cannot mess with is my sleep. I am not pretty to be around when I am lacking "le sommeil".

I decided to catch up on Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill whilst trying, keyword being "trying", to salvage my butchered manicure. Let's get cracking on Gossip Girl; how amazing was the last episode? *Spoilers* Chuck sleeping with Little Humphrey? Damn that motherchucker Dan/Serena, is the third time a charm? Nate snitching on Dan and Serena to Vanessa. Georgina is sperminated by Dan? is Chuck dead? *Spoilers end*It was too much to handle. I cannot seriously wait for season 4, lawd have mercy. Tree Hill was good too; a little sappy at first but the ending had me LITERALLY on the edge of my bed, just gawking at the screen for about 5 minutes. I'm so glad CW decided to renew its contract for a new season; Tree Hill cannot just finish like the season finale just did . I need my Tree Hill fix; I don't know what I would do without it.

It is such a beautiful day, nonetheless that I didn't feel like staying in today so I took an hour-long power walk across town; it was liberating and free and I felt less on-edge. I came home and thought of catching up with the Hills on MTV which brings me to the title of my post. They won't allow Europeans to watch the Hills anymore on their site; I have been watching the Hills on MTV ever since I moved to France and it previously worked fine, but for the past week or so, nothing works therefore MTV SUCKS!!! I want to see some Speidi craziness; it's their last season, come on! I wanna see Speidi's crystallized home and Heidi's weird new face.

Anywhoodles, that was my day! Hope yours is going good and if not, there's always a new day tomorrow!!!

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