Thursday, May 13, 2010

I'm quirky, so what?

I first saw this at Tasha's blog {LOVE HER BLOG, BY THE WAY} , and it was a post about her own little quirks and it made me question, what am I quirky about? I found out I had some quirks that I shared with Tasha. Any random quirks you share with me?

- I always have to put all my clothes, previously worn on my couch and make a big pile out of it; my mother always hated it but I find that mess conforting; now that I don't live at home, there's a special part of my "armoire" made for it.

- I cannot go to bed knowing that there's dishes waiting to be done; I feel like something is going to grow out of my sink and the thought of dirty dishes piling up in the sink just irritates me.

- I cannot help but use the thesaurus every time I write something; it's not to make myself sound smarter or anything like that {yah, right} but I have always done since my first year of high school and it's a habit that just stuck.

- I often read the dictionary when I'm bored.

- It sort of is a little pet peeve but I cannot help but correct my boyfriend when he makes up a word, similar to one that already exists; I know he does it to piss me off but I can't help it.

- I'm really competitive about words and random facts; I always think I'm right {sometimes I'm not} but if somebody tries to defy me, I will grab whatever is close to me, whether it's a dictionary or my computer so I can google that ish. {Anybody else is seriously loving Google like I am?}

- Speaking of random facts, I love using my repertoire of random tidbits whenever I'm around a stranger and the conversation suddenly gets AWKWARD; at least I fill the awful silence.

- Speaking of silence, I hate awkward silences.

- I often put up my hair then take it down almost immediately whenever I'm trying to find inspiration.

- Speaking of inspiration, I also run my fingers through my bangs when I'm looking for said inspiration.

- I often jump from one subject to another; I could start a conversation about health care and finish off with my love and affection for goat cheese.

- I positively hate ironing; if I could afford dry-cleaning on a daily basis just for the ironing, I so would.

- I can't swim unless my feet are touching the ground. I had a bad experience with one of my first swimming lessons and to this day, it literally freaks me out.

- When I'm in the shower, I can't put my head under the water; it feels like I'm drowing.

- I've taken 5 years of spanish classes and all I can master to this day is "Quiero Taco Bell!"

- I always reorganize my bag only to mess it up an hour later.

- I always have to read the book before the movie; if I have, by any chance, seen the movie before reading the book, I read the book, then go through the movie bit by bit and comparing them.

- I can watch a movie over and over again; I never get tired of them. Even though I memorized all the lines and I know exactly what is going to happen in the next nano-second, I'll still watch it.

- When I paint my nails, I purposely chip them just so they can feel a little worn in; if they're brand new and all shiny, I get all narcistic and cannot help but stare at them. That is why I often have a manicure every day. I also get tired of colors easily but the color I always keep coming back to is O.P. I's Vodka and Caviar. I love red nails; it's probably the only "really femme fatale" thing about me.

- I love seeing the same movie but with different people; I love seeing their reactions.

- I dislike shopping; there I said it. I know we're girls and we're supposed to adore shopping; I don't hate it but I get fed up with it quite easily.

- Whenever I shake hands with someone, I wait about 5 minutes then automatically pull out my hand sanitizer; it's not to say that everybody has germs but I cannot help it. I often do it when I get a chance to sit down with said person so I can do easily while pretending to look in my bag that way they don't notice it.

- I have the habit of biting the right-corner of my lip whenever I get stressed; it's a new habit. I figured I might as well bite my lip rather than my cuticles, which was the WORST habit.

- I have a selective memory; I cannot remember my doctor appointments but I can remember what I ate at lunch 2 years ago; 3 cheese lasagna, anyone?

- I always cook with butter; I know it's not as healthy or good as margarine, olive oil, vegetable shortening or cooking spray { there's no accounting for taste} but there's a certain taste to the mouth when food is cooked with butter; even though it means eating less, the flavors are amazing and so worth it.

- I can spend days locked up in my home, not answering any calls and not talking to anyone, at all. I feel a deep desire to escape once in awhile and I feel regenerated whenever I come back to the world.

- I often pretend that I'm so effortlessly cool, which I effortlessly fail at and that I'm not so traditional but deep down, I'm old-fashioned. I want the big wedding with the big white dress, the prince on his white horse.

- I have two different syndromes at once and it's really weird. I am claustrophobic while being agoraphobic; my worst fear is being stuck in an elevator but I have a hard time breathing when I'm surrounded by lots of people. Told ya I'm weird.

- I love "shopping" in the men's department {the term "shopping" is used loosely here}, as in for clothes, deodorants, perfumes, soaps, shower gels, watches, you name it, I love it.

- When I scratch an itch, it feels like the rest of my body is itching.

- I hate it when people talk to me when I'm watching my favorite shows.

- I cannot eat peanut butter without jelly; it just doesn't taste good.

- My curiosity knows no boundaries; when I want to know something, I usually find a way of finding out.

- When I get excited over something, I usually have a huge cheesy smile on my face and I automatically rub my hands together.

- Whenever I have a problem, I always talk out loud to figure out my problem.

- I cry for the smallest things; I will cry at a commercial if it's sad. I have never been to a wedding but the ones on TV always get to me, I'm afraid that the real ones will throw me over the edge. I guess I'm way over-sensitive.

- I just realised this about a few days ago, but when I am in public such as buses, hospitals or even school , I always slip my feet out of my shoes; it's very random . Now I feel like I have to maintain constant attention to my feet.

- I brush my teeth in the shower.

- When I cannot go to sleep, I rock myself to sleep; I tap into my inner child.

- When I rip papers, I cannot stop until the papers have been reduced to confetti; I like to think I'm better than an actual shredder.

- When I'm really angry at someone, I like to think I'm in front of them giving them a huge lecture, which includes pacing back and forth, gesticulating widly and frankly looking like a complete fool.

- I like to sing Barry Manilow's Copacabana under the shower.

- I am not usually one to dismiss a guy because of his looks but if I find out that he has back hair before I get really smitten with him, then he has less chances, to be honest. I hate back hair.

- I wake up every morning at least an hour and a half before I really have to get out of bed; the reason being is that I can just lay around, and strech, and lay back again and strech and back again and strech; well you get the point.

Wow, now I realise I am way weird. I guess you now know me a little bit better.

Tata for now!

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