Thursday, May 06, 2010

I am...

I saw this awesome post in Erin's Circle's blog and I felt like I had to do mine.

I am:

- the girl who stares at a sunrise and daydreams about the sunset.

- an only child and one of the eldest out of my 25 cousins.

- that child who used to try to put forks in electrical outlets.

- an 11-year-old who had to leave her family behind in order to move to a different country.

- a 6th grader who used to rock at playing kubbs, Sweden's national game, in middle school.

- a strawberry shake lover for those nights I didn't feel like cooking.

- the daughter who always got the bigger room whenever her family moved.

- a 9th grader who decided to shoplift a lipgloss in a local Walmart and who got banned from that specific store for 2 years.

- that little girl who used to run under her covers when she was home alone and would hear a strange noise.

- a girl who once had a crush on a boy who hated her guts.

- a 6th grader who was always teased because she couldn't speak a word of English.

- a 8th grader who had a crush on a boy who was part of her exchange program.

- a junior high student trying to smoke her first cigarette on top of a hill.

- that same junior high student who then rolled down said-so hill just because.

- a senior student who's prom dress got ruined by Mother Nature.

- a girl who got 6 stitches on her scalp all because she literally ran into the edge of a door.

- a girl who's never kissed her first love but has been in a one-year relationship with first love.

- a girl who got rejected 11 times; yes your eyes aren't playing a trick on you... 11 times.

- the 17 year-old who blasts Billie Jean in the car with her best friend because she's not of legal age to go clubbing.

- the 20 year-old who decides to leave her confortable life behind in search of new adventures.

- the 22 year-old who thought she knew everything there is to know about love; turns out I have a lot to learn.

- the coin I wished upon before throwing into a fountain.

- from a father who will never understand how much he means to me, deep down.

- from a mother who has put up with a lot of crap from me and still manages to love unconditionnally, with all her heart.

- from a maternal grandmother who could easily be my favorite person on this planet.

- from a stepfather who managed to bring joy to my mother's life and bring our family closer, and for that, I am eternally grateful.

- a heart worn on my sleeve.

- from many mistakes and wrong turns.

- a heart that has been broken many times yet it still falls in love like it's the first time.

- a laugh waiting to pour out of my soul to hopefully, bring a smile to your face.

- a friend who's loyal through thick and thin.

- eyes who cannot help but see the beauty in all.

- a soul who's main source of energy is hope.

- me, flawed and beautiful.

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