Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Worst weekend ever!

So it's been a couple of days since I blogged; a lot of crap has happened since. My blog got hacked into; who does that seriously???Don't you have a life, hacker?? Uhh, pardon me. I was so pissed because they{whoever they is} started to change everything about my blog after all the hard work I've put into it. My mother's words are ringing up in my ears as we speak. "Learn to save; you might never know when you might lose something". Thanks Mama!!!! I had previously saved some of the posts I loved writing, the ones that were near and dear to me so I just put them all back up today so no, if you're wondering, I didn't have enough energy to write up 26 posts in one day. I would' ve had carpal tunnel by now. So I created this new blog; I think I might just prefer this one because I put twice as much hard work than the previous one. I am not web savvy but when it's been broken down, I think I can handle HTML language and how to go about it.

Other than little drama, I had a mellow weekend. Friday, I catched up on all my fave shows online such as OTH, Gossip Girl, 90210, The Hills and all that jazz. Since I have been living in France, Internet has become my lover and my friend. It's the only way I can keep up with my fave shows; I mean right now, I'm watching season 3 of Gossip Girl online and one of France's network just started playing season 2. It is a good reminder of what previously happened but I cannot stand hearing Queen B's voice in French; it sends shivers down my spine and not the good kind. I believe that shows or movies that were made in English should stay in English and vice versa; if you don't understand English, then try subtitles. I love subtitles; I watch my shows online with french subtitles; I don't need to but I love just being able to read and watch at the same time. It's like my brain is getting off or something when I do both. I remember ever since I was young, setting my tv to the hearing impaired setting so that subtitles would come up for everything, even commercials. I drove everyone crazy. That is why I love foreign films or shows. I love Bollywood for the subtitles; I love korean dramas for the subtitles.

Then the weekend, I got in a pretty huge fight with someone I know; it was pretty bad and I'm usually one to apologize even if I'm not the one who's wrong, but this time it just escalated to another level and I feel like I didn't deserve any of it at all. I am such a nice person but when you treat me with respect; if I feel like I'm being talked down to or I see that the other party is not even taking my feelings into consideration even after I said that such and such things might hurt me, I feel like that they don't earn my respect. For me, respect is a two-way street. I'm a firm believer in leaving the room if you're gonna say hurtful things to people; take a walk, focus on your breathing, do your grocery list in your head, have a rundown of the last episode of the Hills , I don't know but figure out something to do other than to say something spiteful. Just because you're angry or upset doesn't give you the right to go ahead and say whatever you want to say and after you've said such things, expect people to be nice to you and to joke around with you. It ain't happening, got it???

Sorry, I just had to vent because I know that person is most likely to see this and just in case my live message didn't come across as clear, I'm hoping this will. Okay, back to my weekend. So after that little debacle happened, I watched Julie and Julia for the 15th time; I didn't even know who Julia Child was until I saw this movie and I fell in luuuuuuuuurv with the movie; it's not even the story, it's the food. Poached eggs, artichokes with hollandaise sauce, boeuf bourguignon, oh my! My heart just pitter-pattered at the thought of all that delicious food, which brought me to this peculiar train of thoughts. I mean, I am currently living in Eastern France; it's not exactly Paris but it'll do for now. I have been so focusing in keeping my north american food traditions and trying so hard to figure out what could be yummy subtitutes for bagels, cream cheese, tex-mex cheese, nachos, enchiladas, lebanese shawarmas, you know things that remind me of home. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love the french pattisserie such as almond croissants and pain au chocolats {with Carrie Bradshaw's voice please, anybody else loves it when she speaks French?} so I am thinking about mastering the art of French Cuisine; I've even added it to my bucket list. I feel like buying my first french cookbook and after seeing Julie and Julia, I am certain it has to be Julia's book. I don't have what I could call a kitchen since I currently live in a 9m² room but I am planning on moving by the summer and hopefully getting a much bigger place with hopefully a small kitchen but an actual kitchen nonetheless. I will then start what will surely become my epic journey to learn how to cook like Julia Child. I don't want to be like Julie Powell; she had a deep profound love for Julia; I honestly don't. Plus she set it to be her goal to cook all of her recipes in a year; not my style, sorry Julie! I just feeling like learning how to cook french cuisine since I have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to live in this country and learn from the best, a.k.a french people. Is anybody listening? Am I just rambling on for myself?

If you are out there, have an amazing tuesday!! Tuesdays are easier to deal with than Mondays.

Song of the day: You can't always get you want-Rolling Stones.
Feeling: Exhausted. Been up since last night; the bed is calling me.
Loving: my nails; I made it my 2010 Resolution to stop biting my nails and now I have nails. Granted it took way too long to grow, but I feel so proud.

Carrie Bradshaw speaking French enjoy the beauty of it all.

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