Tuesday, May 04, 2010


This thought creeped up in my head a few nights ago as I was watching Tyler Perry's Why did I get married? , which is an incredible movie by the way, if you have not seen it. I thought about all my past boyfriends; the list is not that long, TRUST ME. I never had or caught one cheating. Am I really that foolish in relationships, that I wouldn't even realise if I'm being cheated on or am I just really lucky in relationships? Almost all the girls I've known have been cheated on at least once, so I couldn't be the only LUCKY girl who hasn't had an unfaithful man, could I ?

Well, in the other hand, I've never had the chance to truly live out a relationship fully since I was always hopping from one country to another and back and forth so I guess they all deserve the benefit of the doubt. I've heard infidelity rumours from many people in all my previous relationships but I did not listen to the rumours. I am a fervent believer in "BELIEVING IN WHAT YOU SEE"; so when someone whispered ish about my previous heart tenants, I would just listen from one ear and let it out from the other. People may call you naive for believing a cheater , or even stupid like they did with me, but trust me, it's better to not know. I mean, once in a while, you get the random thought that pops into your head, like it recently did with me but I don't know how I would react if I learnt that one of my exes did cheat on me for real while we were in a relationship, whether it'd be a normal relationship or a long-distance relationship. I would feel betrayed, even if it's been years since I have not seen said-so ex; because there was a time I truly cared about this person and to know that I might not have mattered as much to them would be hurtful.

Yes, I am the kind of girl who thinks that after every failed relationship, the guy mourns her very much and takes years to truly forget about her; even if it's not true, that's what my pretty head likes to believe. And I'll still believe that I am different than everyone else unless I am proven wrong.

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