Friday, May 21, 2010

I love...

*Disclaimer*I saw this on this random blog, I'm sorry I can't remember which one, but I thought it was so nifty that I've written down the idea but not the blog link itself. If this is your idea, by no means I am trying to take credit for it. Please contact me and I will give you definite credit. Thanks. *

I love hearing birds chirping early in the morning. I love the fresh smell of coffee even though I have one cup a year. I love curling up with a good book and finishing it straightaway. I love chick flicks and chick lit. I love reading gossip magazines. I love the color purple. I love wearing flats. I love flipping through old album photos reminiscing about the past. I love rewatching the same movies. I love cuddling. I love bear hugs . I love a good challenge. I love playing Truth or Dare.

I love hearing a good song that send multiple chills down my spine. I love laughing, the kind of laughter where it's really hard to catch your breath and tears are rolling down your face. I love playing thumb wars. I love chocolate-covered strawberries. I love the feel of the wind in my hair. I love roadtrips. I love dancing in the rain. I love visiting somewhere new and visiting the places that isn't on the travel guide; that's my only way to feel a place. I love word games. I love Monopoly.

I love taking bubble baths. I love painting my nails. I love getting pampered at the hair salon. I love hearing an old song and remembering all the good times that came along with that song. I love hitting the snooze button multiple times before I actually get out bed. I love blasting music when I am feeling low. I love orchids and calla lillies. I love the sound of snoring. I love hearing the sound of rain falling on the roof. I love sitting at parks and watching people go by. I love reading in the grass.

I love catching a marathon of my favorite show on the weekend. I love black and white movies. I love foreign movies. I love doing crossword puzzles. I love reading the dictionary, although I only do that when I'm truly bored. I love watching the Wheel of fortune and Jeopardy. I love ice cream. I love trying out new recipes. I love the sense of accomplishment when I succeed making a new dish. I love herbs and spices. I love getting the chunkiest chocolate chip cookie in the bag. I love dipping my cookies in hot milk.

I love getting mail in my inbox. I love handwritten letters. I love collecting movie stubs, ticket stubs, flower, note, any kind of memorabilia from relationships. I love writing love poems. I love saying I love you. I love the sound of a baby's laughter. I love seeing a man holding a newborn. I love waterparks. I love getting dressed up for a special occasion. I love flirting with a random stranger I'll never see again. I love believing in fate. I love eating french fries with vanilla ice cream. I love a PB and J sandwich.

I love wearing flip flops and summery dresses. I love lounging in sweatpants. I love to sleep with my window open. I love seeing the sun rise. I love to watch the stars at night. I love beautiful sunsets. I love walking to clear my head. I love digging my toes in the sand. I love trying on new clothes. I love grocery shopping. I love reality tv. I love Friends and know almost all of the words from the whole series by heart. I love wearing my heart on my sleeve. I love surprises. I love making memories. I love hearing *I miss you*. I love cheesecake. I love waking up in a good mood. I love eating cereal for dinner. I love little black dresses.

I love pashmina scarves. I love coming across an old favorite book and getting the pleasure of reading it again. I love scouring old bookstores for the perfect book. I love Snoopy slippers. I love my handwriting, mostly how my I's are randomly dotted with hearts. I love wearing bright colors. I love buying heels, although I rarely wear them. I love purses, big or small. I love mascara and lipgloss, my two staples. I love any kind of earrings, long, dangly or studs. I love going through Cosmopolitan. I love photography and wish I could take a photography class. I love blogging. I love oak trees. I love going through a field of flowers. I love a good kiss that send shivers down my spine and feels like fireworks. I love falling asleep in front of the t.v. I love knowing that sooner or later, everything will be allright. But most of all:

I love love.

*Try to do your love list but the catch is you can't talk about anyone in your love list; not your parents, not your friends, not your husband or bf, gf or wife. This will allow you to realize that you are more than a wife/husband/gf/bf/daughter/son/father/mother/friend/cousin/ and whatever else that could define you. You are you and you love. *

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